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8 Comments on “Proposed Changes, Need Feedback”

  1. Brett
    1. A. Hide expired deals from site. - This is a great idea!!!! 2. I cannot comment, I follow on twitter so RSS is not necessary. 3. Keep up the awesomeness!
  2. achecht
    On more than a few occasions, I have remembered an app I saw on Macappdeals (but didn't buy). I fire up the site and do a search for part of the name or a keyword, etc. It'd be nice to still have this ability if you decide to hide expired deals. Is is possible to allow a search that includes expired deals (i.e. via a checkbox), but the standard search will exclude expired deals? I have to say that other than keeping up on the latest deals, I use the search as my second most often used feature of Macappdeals.
  3. Isaac
    No, I can either have the search include the expired deals or not include them, only one or the other. And I would most definitely have the search include expired deals, so that you can see when the last time that app was on sale.
  4. Christoph
    I think hiding the expired deals (at least from RSS) is a good idea, as they are no longer that interesting. As achecht said, a search should include the old deals as well :)
  5. Tthe Duelist
    I would like to see an option select how may entries to display per page eg 10/20/50/100. At the moment, when I go looking for a deal that I've seen a few days ago, I sometimes have to page 5-6 times to find it again. I would be nice to have an option to scroll through fewer (longer) pages. Thanx for a useful site :-)
    • Isaac
      That is something I can look into for the future, however hiding the expired posts will help to solve your problem. There are over 500 posts, and hiding expired posts will eliminate over 70% of those from displaying while browsing through the pages. It would only take you 2-3 pages instead of 5-6. 77 pages of total posts would turn into 22. Will that solve your problem? And I have now added one more post per page as well.
  6. harringg
    It's nice to know I'm online with a bot. LOL * 2 Users Online Most ever online: 28 * Users: 1 Guest, 1 Bot p.s. Hide expired deals.

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