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15 Comments on “MyMacBundle (SCAM)”

  1. 411
    Anybody know anything about who is offering the bundle? I wish the new guys on the bundle train would get it thru their heads that trust and delivery are what sell bundles and quit trying to hide behind the bundle. I personally won't buy from a site that won't disclose ownership details. I buy a lot of bundles and I have only been stung once and fortunately for very little cash but that was when I went into overkill on the caution side. Right now, this rash of new bundles that are anonymous really bothers me a lot. With so many new Mac users coming over from the dark side, I don't think it would do the Mac community any good to have an outbreak of scams take place especially this time of the year. These new sites aren't even putting up contact info or forms to submit questions in many cases. Not a great harbinger in my book.
  2. Alfred
    It's a confirmed scam:!/buntbinaer/status/6988579813199873!/acrylicapps/status/6992148977160192
  3. MBB
    Hi, Thank you for the information. Unfortunately I've been stung. As 411 says - this sours ALL future online mac software purchases for me, particularly bundles. I will ONLY ever go through the big sites - MacHeist, muPromo, and MacZOT. I am FULLY aware the onus is on ME and ME ALONE, to check and "do my research"... but jumped before I thought about it this time. I've very glad I'm a grown man with a regular income, where $29 will not be greatly missed. I AM sorry though, for any younger people who unfortunately fall victim to this scam who then spend their last 3 weeks of their hard earned pocket money - only to find out they have nothing to show for it. As I said, it is primarily my fault - but some small amount of blame I place on MacAppDeals until they change this post to WARN others. Particularly deleting their Tweet which led me to the site and Tweeting another to WARN EVERYONE. Thanks everyone. I've already been sought legal advice and the wheels are in motion on MyMacBundle/Easymac Software - that's my $29 for what it's worth... :) Cheers.
  4. Alfred
    I agree, they should leave this post up and make it a warning. I've already replied to all tweets promoting it, fortunately there haven't been too many up to now. Let's hope most people will have a look at these comments before hurrying on tho the scammers...
  5. Alfred
    Hi MBB, here: they still promote it. On Twitter the author refuses to acknowledge it's a scam. Could you just drop him a line to protect potential buyers? Thanks!
  6. blue_fireball_eater
    @MBB Paypal will give you the money back if you tell them that the other party did not deliver the promised licenses. IIRC, you must do this within 3 days of the purchase. Good luck!
  7. Alfred
    Now BohemianCoding has confirmed it as well. I don't understand why this post is still up...!/pieteromvlee/status/7087358612611073
  8. Isaac
    To everyone affected: We did not know this was a scam when it was posted and we sincerly apologize. As was suggested, we have left the post up and added a warning. Please file a dispute with PayPal as soon as possible.
  9. MBB
    I think I have had some success with my threatening emails, as the seller has initiated a refund of my payment via PayPal. And thankfully their fraudulent website is now inactive. Thank you @Isaac for your communication.
  10. TheDrift-
    Hi I bought this too, but I got my download links and codes, they all appear to be working fine??? Are they cracked versions or did other people just not get there codes??
  11. Isaac
    I read somewhere that everyone that did get serial codes were sent the same codes. I don't know if they are cracked or legitimate codes, but if many people are using them, the developers might block them. You may want to contact the developers to see what they plan to do with your serial codes, or file a dispite with PayPal.
  12. TheDrift-
    Thanks just read on twitter that that one dev claims the codes will stop working, have filed a dispute now, btw there download links are still working

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