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3 Comments on “ZeroNinetyNine Bundle”

  1. Claudio
    Great bundle.. I will purchase all app because i'm very happy for this bundle. Compliments! Thanks MacAppDeals!
  2. G. J. Goldwyn
    I hate Apple's stupid App Store pricing and timing. It's currently 8:46 PM PST 11:46 EST and the Apple app store as already changed the price. Come on! How difficult is it to know when the date changes? False advertising. Bad practice. Where's the 99 cent pricing promise?
  3. Kristin C
    I was annoyed too - even with the 15 minutes (I'm in DC) because I was waiting to show Blast to a friend before purchasing it - but as soon as I went to buy it - it was back to 9.99 - I actually wrote to the folks who developed blast and socialite as a shot in the dark. I was really stunned that within hours I received a personal e-mail expressing regret and frustration they had been having also along with a code to get Blast for free. I think now you can even go to their website and get the code (at least you could yesterday). I also wrote the developers of compartments and they managed to get there price to flip back down for while after midnight. I am really impressed with these folks - apple - hmm- their not quite as high on my list these days.-

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