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6 Comments on “65% off MacFlux”

  1. Adrian
    I thought at first this was a rip-off of Flux. Having downloaded the manual I see it is just the previous version (Flux is now at version 4), so why bother? And why the stupid change of name which does nothing but confuse. Thanks, but after looking into this, I would never buy anything from macware.
    • Isaac
      Macware is a distributor of Flux, so it's the same product. Version 4 was just barely released today and we didn't know it was happening. We are in contact to find out about upgrade policy for this situation and will report back when we know the status.
    • Isaac
      Great question. I haven't heard anything yet so I've sent an email trying to get information. I'll report back when I get any information. Alternatively, you can send an email to exclusives at to create a support ticket and they may have more information as well.
    • Isaac
      We are still waiting to get all the serial codes from the distributors. Once we have them, they will be emailed out to everyone who purchased this deal and hopefully this will happen within the next week or two.

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